Tammy Goen | About
Yes, I'm a dabbler. I love all things art. Two of my favorite pastimes in childhood were Spirograph and Doodle Art. I also love, and am inspired by, Nature. Thus, I love to create art that expresses my feelings for Mother Earth or captures Her beauty.

I have drawn, painted in water color and acrylics and created monoprints. I've enjoyed calligraphy since one particularly fun day in 5th grade. About 12 years ago I discovered the joy of photography and set out to put on photo paper the scenery I so enjoyed while hiking or just observing during everyday activities. After a lovely day in the woods several years ago I also reconnected with the art of writing poetry, most of which reflects my muse...Nature.

I find art in almost everything, everyday. While touching and smelling and generally immersing myself in Nature I now also see most things in the outdoors, from grand vistas to the tiniest spider, as a potential photograph. Often this vision also leads to poetic imagery. I enjoy combining both photographic images of the wild with original poetry, with calligraphy when possible.

Most recently, I began to wonder what new medium I might enjoy which would allow me to get the creative juices flowing in a different direction. I find myself currently drawn most to texture and shape, and in addition to focusing more upon macro images I decided to see if I could somehow use my existing photographic images to create new interesting pieces. Thus began my new artistic endeavor...mandalas. In my Mandala page you'll find abstract images that I've created using Photoshop and my own photos. This is an entirely new experience for me, as the whole process is an unknown. It provides pure play time with color, shape and texture and is so fun I generally forget that I'm even on a computer!

I hope you will enjoy your visit to my galleries. You may also find my poetry on www.blurb.com/books/1935326 . Stay tuned for information on my latest endeavor...children's books!